Camping Hammocks Make for Excellent Resting Places During a Camping Trip

Outdoor enthusiasts will travel long distances to get away from city life and the stresses that it brings. Camping is a known stress buster and is favored by those who do not mind being away from the other comforts of modern day living. Campers have to worry about setting up temporary homes and sleeping places for themselves when they need to rest and take a break from the long hikes they have undergone.

It is important for them to carry tents or other gear that can be set up in camps. The setting of tents requires for a proper clear space to be found that is level and suitable for the pitching of the tent. Camping hammocks, however, have the advantage that they can be set up in any place that has trees without having to worry about the ground being level. Sleeping in hammocks is more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, and can give a person a good night’s sleep. The hammock can serve as a chair, and the camper does not have to carry an additional chair as part of his camping kit. Tents are also heavier and bulkier, and the more sophisticated of them, literally require to be carried in utility vehicles that have to be able to approach the camping site. Hammocks of the simpler kind, are lightweight and can be easily carried in a backpack that contains the other essential gear that campers need to bring.

A camping hammock consists of a rectangle of cloth or other material that has straps at its ends. These straps can be fixed to trees or other supports and must be fixed in such a way that the hammock remains two or three feet above the ground at its lowest point. The ends of the hammock may have spreader bars that convert the hammock into a half tube. In other hammocks, the ends will be gathered and separated because of the position of the straps. These two types of hammocks allow for different sleeping positions, and the choice of hammock depends on individual preferences. Spreader bars will, however, add weight to the hammock and be a factor in carrying it. It is an advantage to bring a tarp along with the hammock which can be spread over the hammock after it is erected, and can help to keep the camper dry and warm in the hammock.


Camping hammocks must never be hung tightly, as the body weight tightens the hammock, and a tight hammock may make this tightness uncomfortable and squeeze your shoulders, making sleeping uncomfortable. The neck and feet must remain elevated in a properly hung hammock, and the hammock should mold itself to the natural contours of the back. You should be able to change position in a hammock quickly till you find the sleeping position that is most comfortable. You can get hammocks that are insulated and have quilts, and this can lead to comfortable sleep even in cold weather.

One significant advantage in using camping hammocks is that you do not need to look for a campsite that is level. You will also not have to worry about rocks or roots on the floor of your tent, or dampness from puddles coming through it. Sleeping on hard ground can also give you stiff muscles and joints when you get up. When you sleep in a hammock, your body takes the shape that it is most relaxed in, and you will feel well rested after sleeping in a hammock.

Hammocks are light and easy to carry, and you can even create your own, with some cloth and pieces of rope. The hammocks that you get from manufacturers can weigh as little as 2 lbs and make it a cinch to carry around. Unpacking them and setting it up can take just a few minutes after you have identified trees that are strong enough and spaced apart so that your hammock can fit comfortably. Hammocks are best tied to trees with straps, as ropes can damage the bark of trees, which straps will not do. Avoid dead trees as their core may be rotten and may not be able to support your weight and you may find yourself crashing to the ground when you are asleep.

It is also easy to make some additions to a hammock that can make its use more comfortable. It is possible to erect mosquito nets and insect screens on hammocks that allow a person to sleep undisturbed throughout the night. You can use tarps to keep out the rain and give you protection from the sun.

Always inspect your hammock and its straps and other fixtures before you start out on your camping trip. It will ensure that you have a comfortable and safe stay during your camping trip in the wilds.

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